Crap is crap because it is crap and doesn't give a crap.
crap reason    good reason    not sure
People also think Crap is crap because it:
it just is. [crap good]
...well, that's just how tautology works. [crap good]
tautologically must be so. [crap good]
's crap. [crap good]
is brown and smells [crap good]
is the same word [crap good]
has been eaten and digested [crap good]
is crappy [crap good]
steals from nuns and doesn't give me my fair share [crap good]
is crap. [crap good]
tastes like crap [crap good]
is crap; I say, my good man, have you seen crap lately? [crap good]
is a definition. [crap good]
is crapity crap crap [crap good]
is crap! [crap good]
is Crap. WOOP! [crap good]
because its crap :P [crap good]
is so obviously made of crap [crap good]
crap crap crap [crap good]
Just is [crap good]
is actually crap [crap good]
is crap [crap good]
makes people horny [crap good]
's crap [crap good]
tastes bad [crap good]
's crap sssss [crap good]
help i'm drowning [crap good]
has a crappy nature [crap good]
smells [crap good]
is a bicycle. [crap good]
craps crappily [crap good]
is crap? Why else, cocksucker? [crap good]